The Laymen Playmen Inc

The Laymen Playmen Inc


Dear Friends and Supporters of The Laymen Playmen, Inc.

In the last 27 years we, as a group, have donated in excess of $110,000 through the Hatfield Pastors’ Fund.  These donations are made possible by the generous giving of our patrons, sponsors, and advertisers.  The funds that are generated by these three groups greatly help to defray the cost of royalties, costumes, and set construction and dressing , We are able to give more than half of our ticket sale proceeds back to the community.  You are touching the lives of many people who are in need.

Be assured that any and all help is greatly needed and appreciated.  Please examine the various means by which you may support us and, if so inclined, use the forms below to respond.

Help us to help others.

God bless you,

Fred Wiesinger