The Laymen Playmen Inc

2020 Production

....8:00 PM 9/11/2020

The Laymen Playmen Board of directors voted on canceling our 2021 show in order to keep our cast, crew, orchestra, and audience members save during this Covid-19 pandemic. Since the need for the money that we raised with our ticket sales does not go away with the pandemic, please consider donating the dollar amount of your ticket purchases to Laymen Playmen so we can continue in our mission of helping the community.


215 368 9484

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The Laymen Playmen, Inc. is a multidenominational Christian community theatre group.  Its purpose is to provide both adult and youth development emphasizing education in all facets of theatre including: music, dance, speech, and technical theatre. The culmination of seven months of interactive participation is a polished theatrical production presented to the public.  The proceeds derived are used to help serve the needs of the less fortunate in the Hatfield Community.