The Laymen Playmen Inc

Dear Friends,

For 33 consecutive years The Laymen Playmen has brought enjoyment to the community by way of an annual theatrical production.  We have also brought badly needed support for the less fortunate in our community by donating the proceeds of these productions to the Hatfield Pastor’s Fund and other charities.  And then came 2020 and a global pandemic.  So, as an organization we lowered our sails, battened down the hatches, and rode out the rough seas.  I know that not everyone has come through this storm unscathed.  I hope and pray that we are honestly and truly coming out the other side of this and can once again enjoy the fellowship of our friends and for us, get back to the serious business of helping others.

To say the least, we are very excited about our 2022 production Guys and Dolls.  This classic musical is special for me, as more than 20 years ago it was the first time I ever appeared on stage, and I was able to share this with my wife and all of my children.  This year I am able to reprise this experience including one of my granddaughters in the cast.  I am sure some might challenge the “appropriateness” of a show about gangsters and gamblers trying to arrange a floating crap game.  But, the author of this work has quite a different idea how this activity will change the lives of all of the characters for the better, and isn’t that the real message we need to take forward with us?

I think it goes without any explanation that there are many right here in our community that need help, now more than ever.  It continues to be our mission to support those in need  So I am asking for your help and support for our organization while offering an opportunity for you to advertise your business or organization in our Playbill Program that will reach all of our audience members.  Please consider joining with us through your participation as a Sponsor, Parton, or Advertiser so that our outreach can continue to offer a “hand up” to those that so desperately need it. 

Thank you and God bless.

Fred Wiesinger,
The Laymen Playmen, Inc.