The Laymen Playmen Inc


The Laymen Playmen, Inc, is proud to announce they will be performing Lionel Bart’s musical, Oliver, for their 28th production. The musical is based upon the novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. Oliver features well know songs as : “Food, Glorious Food”, “Oliver!”, “Consider Yourself”, “You've Got To Pick-A-Pocket Or Two”, “Be Back Soon”, “As Long As He Needs Me”, “Who Will Buy” After running away from the orphanage run by the heartless Mr. Bumble, Oliver meets the Artful Dodger and is recruited to pick pockets for Fagin. There, Oliver finds a friend in Nancy, but neither she nor the boy is fit for a life of crime.

SHOW DATES: February 5,6,7,8,12,13,14, &15, 2015

Show Location: Lansdale United Methodist Church, 4th and Broad, Lansdale

                          (Same as last year)

To Audition for the Show - See Cast Information